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bluApple ColdPress
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Author: somethingJava (All RIAForge projects by this author)
Last Updated: November 8, 2010 3:10 PM
Version: 2.5
Views: 72,545
Downloads: 5,157
License: Apache License, Version 2


New Forum is going up 11/18/2010. It will be a good place to get help and collaborate on bluApple.

**** A MUST READ if your downloading bluApple ****
Get your free training today! Follow the link below to learn more.

If your using bluApple, please let us know! We love to see how and where it is used. Contact us at http://www.somethingjava.com/Contact-Us

We are now accepting donations! Please lend us a hand and make a donation today.

Your donations will go towards resources to maintain development servers and allow somethingjava to dedicate time from its current customer base to continue development of the software.

6.3.10 - until riaForge fixes the download issues.
I have an alternate download location.

06.02.10 - bluApple download has been fixed.
Problem downloading in IE? Contact somethingJava@gmail.com and I will send you the download. riaForge is currently looking into this issue. Thanks for your patients.

bluApple 2.5 (ColdPress) is finally here.
I am still updating the documentation, and sometime
today 05.26.2010, I will be launching the new somethingJava website, which will have current information on bluApple and our company.


Note: bluApple 2.5 is around the corner just a day or two away. So if your downloading 2.0 the changes are pretty substantial and you would need to reinstall bluApple. I do not currently have a migration process. However, your themes should still work in bluApple 2.5

You might even be able to copy 2.5 over your existing installation (minus) your theme directory and that might work out ok. I have not tested this yet.

Note: bluApple 2.5 is complete.

NOTE: Check out the new blog post. bluApple 2.5 coming soon ( Mid May )...

Content Management
With bluApple 2.0 you can manage content extremely easy. If you have used a CMS before I think you will be pleased with how easy it is to put manageable content blocks on your pages.

Visit us at http://somethingJava.com/bluApple for more details.

Follow us on twitter: http://www.twitter.com/somethingJava

* jQueryUI Addon for bluApple. (**download updated)

Note: all patches are already updated in the current download. The following are if you have downloaded and installed bluApple 2.0 already.

1. This fixes the sysmessages.ini issue: (updated)

2. This fixes the user admin to allow new user to be added properly. (updated)

3. This fixes the cflog issue:

4. Fixes DB Installtion Issue

*Future Features*
1. Ray Camden's Galleon Forums Module - Due: TBA
2. DB Files for other databases (MSSQL, ORACLE etc ) - Due: TBA
3. htaccess file for Mod ReWrite - TBA
4. addon jQueryUI - Released
5. Ray Camden's BlogCFC Module - Due: TBA
6. New Module concept, for creating a netflix or media streaming website. - Due: TBA
7. Paypal Website Payments Pro Module. Due: TBA
8. New Video Tutorials Due: TBA
9. New Paid Support Plans Due: TBA
10. New Modules Upload Center on somethingJava site. Due: TBA



* Web server
* Coldfusion 7+ or Ralio
* ISAPI Re-Write 3 or Mod Re-Write (Supported)
* Database - (Not Required)

Use of a database is for the administrator, dynamic pages, and module management only. You can use bluApple without it. Documentation on how to do this will be available soon.

Issue Tracker:

4 the sql script has a bug in the last line. too many parameters vs field names. Fixed 09/04/09 2:43 PM
3 error with cflog-Usage Fixed 09/02/09 11:11 AM
2 User Admin not adding user correctly. Fixed 09/01/09 8:21 PM
1 File sysmessages.ini does not exist Fixed 09/01/09 1:06 PM

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