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bluApple ColdPress Issue: File sysmessages.ini does not exist

Name: File sysmessages.ini does not exist
ID: 1
Project: bluApple ColdPress
Type: Bug
Area: Administration
Severity: High
Status: Fixed
Related URL:
Creator: Mischa Sameli
Created: 09/01/09 3:01 AM
Updated: 09/01/09 1:06 PM
Description: The File sysmessages.ini does not exist in the installation-package. it should be found in the the directory /system/core/_config/
History: Created by jenzener (Mischa Sameli) : 09/01/09 3:01 AM

Comment by somethingJava (somethingJava) : 09/01/09 12:50 PM
Mischa, Thanks for submitting this. sysmessages.ini is not being used anymore. I will update bluApple and post the revised download.

Comment by somethingJava (somethingJava) : 09/01/09 1:05 PM
I have fixed the issue. The problem was that I had started to create a logger object to set and get system messages dynamically. But I never finished that component. I have commented it out in the application.cfc. For anyone that has already downloaded the project, fix this issue by replacing the application.cfc in /system/core/ with the one from the new download. I will create a patch page soon for quick fixes.

Updated by somethingJava (somethingJava) : 09/01/09 1:06 PM

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