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bluApple ColdPress Issue: error with cflog-Usage

Name: error with cflog-Usage
ID: 3
Project: bluApple ColdPress
Type: Bug
Area: Administration
Severity: High
Status: Fixed
Related URL: http://bluapple.riaforge.org/blog/enclosures/Patch_9_2.zip
Creator: Mischa Sameli
Created: 09/02/09 4:03 AM
Updated: 09/02/09 11:11 AM
Description: In the function OnApplicationStart() in the actual application.cfc you make use of the cflog-tag. It doesn't work on my railo (btw: there's a typo in the requirements-section). I can't find an attribute called date for cflog in any cf-version (MX - 8). Railo supports this attribute, but expects a datetime-value and not a boolean.

Anyway, after commenting out this attribute, the code did work.

Example use use:
<cflog type="information" <!--- date="yes" ---> log="application" text="#cfcName# was registered in the application scope.">
History: Created by jenzener (Mischa Sameli) : 09/02/09 4:03 AM

Comment by somethingJava (somethingJava) : 09/02/09 10:32 AM
That is very interesting! Thanks Mischa for reporting this. For now, I will comment out the date="yes" for compatability.

Comment by somethingJava (somethingJava) : 09/02/09 11:10 AM

Updated by somethingJava (somethingJava) : 09/02/09 11:11 AM
See my blog about this issue.

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